Climbing Frames Christmas Sale

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Climbing Frames UK have launched a truly unbeatable Christmas sale with a huge selection of products at vastly discounted prices. We’ve taken early delivery of Christmas stock and now need to clear some products before more stock arrives. We know, it’s only October, but for a purchase of this size we know you need some time to plan finances and we need to arrange for santa to fit them all on his sleigh – no mean feat!

Due to this we have launched our SUPER XMAS SALE with huge reductions across the board and loss leader discounts on a selection of products. Our warehouse will contact you within 48hrs of you placing your order and book a delivery day, which is available from one week until the first week of Christmas.

Strict rules apply to our sale due to the hugely reduced prices:

1) The price is the price shown on the website – no negotiations or further discounts
2) The products come as they are seen – we cannot alter the specification or swap swings or other accessories
3) The sets come fulled packed ready for home build in a cardboard box including all wood, hardware and swing/slide accessories
4) The sale runs from Wednesday to Wednesday and prices WILL increase every 7 days until Christmas

Checkout the Climbing Frame section of the Climbing Frames UK website for further information. Happy Christmas everyone!

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