Climbing Frames For Small Gardens

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At Climbing Frames UK we try our best to cater to all gardens and all families. Of course it is not only those with a big back garden who want to buy our climbing frames. We often get asked which swing set is best suited to a small garden. After climbing frames UK take a look’s climbing frames who have a few more frames on offer.

There are many considerations to think about when purchasing a climbing frame and one of the most important is the size of your garden. There are three climbing frames in particular that are suited to small gardens.

The Andorra

The Andorra Junior Climbing Frame is the smallest swingset. It is 3.14m wide and 2.72m deep and includes a vinyl chalk board, wavy slide, rock wall and 2 belt swings.

The Belfort

The Belfort is a fantastic climbing frame. Along with everything you would expect from a swingset such as swings, trapeze, slide and deck it also has a 2 child picnic table attached, perfect for messy play or outdoor eating. The Belfort is 3.89m wide and 3.15m deep.


The Meadowvale

The final climbing frame we would suggest for any of those with a small garden would be the Meadowvale II. This is a great value set and has all the elements a climbing frame should have. It has a 2.2m high railed wavy slide, rock wall, 1.2m high deck and trapeze bar. There is even room below the deck for a sand or ball pit area. The Meadowvale measures 3.91m wide and 3.21m deep.

Meadowvale Climbing Frame


It is also important to bear in mind that once the climbing frame is in place there should be a 1.8m perimeter left around it. This is to allow enough space for children to swing and play freely.

These swingsets are ideal for those with small gardens so never rule a climbing frame out.


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