Climbing Frames keep kids active

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Active Toddlers are happy toddlersSo toddlers have been prescribed at least 3 hours of exercise a day by our loving and caring government following recent research linking early exercise to good physical and mental health.

The government aims to get children out of car seats and buggies and away from TV and other forms of electronic entertainment that require minimal physical or mental ability, and to involve them with activities such as running, playing chase, swimming, skipping, riding a bike or scaling climbing frames. They also recommend that they should do activities that help improve balance and co-ordination at least twice a week.

Selwood have a huge selection of outdoor climbing toys and wooden playsets  from that enable children to both exercise and socialise, with a range of features that encourage them to be active whilst enhancing their co-ordination and fine motor skills. With features such as rock walls, step ladders, rope ladders and swings there’s a significant amount of physical activity and exercise that is required simply to play on one of our products, let along the fun involved with the slides, play decks and drawing walls.

As an independent company owned and managed by people with children, we understand and sympathise with the conflict between garden space, budget, activity and quality. All these factors need taking into consideration when you’re looking to buy a wooden playset, which is why we only sell products that we’d be happy for our children to use and that we feel are excellent value, and give a great compromise between price and high quality.

We’re experts in climbing frames, and our business has expanded to also include dedicated garden trampoline range with a range of models and sizes (including 8ft, 10ft, 12ft or 14ft & Ovals), playhouse and swingset categories too. Our playhouses are constructed from either wood, or plastic and come from a range of manufacturers such as Little Tikes, Rowlinson and Forrest, and our swingsets are either manufactured from wood from Selwood Products, or metal from Kettler.

Our full range of products can be viewed at

We’d love to know your thoughts, is three hours of exercise too much or too little for under 5’s, or should the government not be offering guidelines on how we best care for our children?

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