Climbing Frames – Get Ready For Winter

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Brr – we might have had an extended Indian summer with terrific weather so far at climbing frames UK HQ, but it does seem as if winter is now officially here and it’s business as usual with the British weather.

This time of year can be rather gloomy as the nights begin to draw in and we can’t get outside as much as we like because of the rain and the cold. But we’ve been thinking up some strategies for preparing for winter and maximising our daylight hours from October onwards…

Weather-proof Climbing Frames

Firstly, if you are worried that your Selwood Climbing Frame will need special treatment or that it needs to be stored indoors to prevent damage from wind, rain, snow and frosts, rest assured. There is no need to worry. Our climbing frames are made high-quality cedar wood. The wood is naturally resistant to insects and pests. It also contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which enhances its durability, however, as with any wooden garden product, whether it’s a shed, decking or garden furniture, we advise using sealant or stain as required to keep it looking fantastic! This doesn’t mean you have to do it every year, and you defiantly don’t have to take your set down, you just apply stain to the set with a paint brush, or sponge.

Our climbing frames and outdoor play equipment are built to last and last – That’s why they come with a 10-year guarantee!

Outdoor Play Rules!

Secondly, the decrease in daylight and warmth means less time outside for your children. We still recommend outdoor play, whatever the weather, as it exposes children to daylight and decreases their exposure to artificial lighting either through light, computers or TV as exposure to artificial light is linked to problems with sleep.
Kingstone Climbing Frame
If the day is dry, wrap the kids up warmly and get them outside either for a walk or some play on a wooden climbing frame, in a playhouse or a vigorous session on the swings. With any luck, they’ll run off some excess energy too.

Party On

Why not have a weekend winter party? Summer often means outdoor birthday parties for children, but winter need not be any different. If the day is dry, a party can still take place outdoors – Why not read about some of our suggested garden party ideas?

Devise games which include plenty of running around to keep the little ones warm and serve up a selection of hot foods. Rosy cheeks are mandatory and you could include some mulled wine for the adults.

Walks at weekends in winter are a great idea and can be very entertaining. Scuffing through leaves is something even adults enjoy and you can get the kids to name the birds, trees and plants that you encounter on your stroll.

Sort out some movie nights in – whilst we favour outdoor activities above all others, a movie night can be great family fun for winter. And it can work out much more cheaply than taking a family of four to the cinema. Find your favourite film through Lovefilm or Netflix, prepare your own popcorn and hot dogs and snuggle up on the sofa for a night of film fun.

We hope you like our winter suggestions – and if you have any of your own why not let us know?

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