Climbing Frames – Saving you loads of space and money!

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When you think about a climbing frame for around £500, £700 or even £100 most people think that’s expensive, but think what you get for your money & how much tidier your garden will be with a selwood climbing frame, especially if you have a smaller garden, or if you don’t want your garden to be littered with children’s play equipment!

Something like the Belton Climbing frame has so many play features and all in such a small area of your garden.

As an example the Belton Climbing frame includes:

– Monkey bar
– Children’s Swings
– Trapeze Bar Swing
– 2-Child Glider Swing
– Chalk board
– Lower wooden playhouse
– 2.2m speedy slide
– Rockwall ladder
– Seats & Cafe Counter

Selwood Climbing Frame Features

If you think about all of these items that you could have floating around the garden and how messy it would be.
Not to think of how much extra it would cost you!

The glider is just like a see-saw, so this takes up a lot less space than what a see-saw would.
The Chalk board is on the top part of the climbing frame so the children can play and draw up there, there is no chalk laying around the garden etc.
A free standing slide would take up so much room in your garden
The lower playhouse area is just like a wendy house. So this obviously saves a lot of space in your garden
The two swings, trapeze and glider hang from the monkey bars. This means even less space!!
The slide is attached to the frame meaning that rather than having a free standing slide this saves a lot of space in the garden
Monkey bars are attached to the climbing frame where the swing hang. This saves EVEN MORE space!
Accessories such as the telescope, binoculars and the steering wheel etc. can be attached to the climbing frame meaning that no toys etc are left laying around the garden.
Cafe stalls are much better than having another child picnic area taking up space in the garden


Well, Here is a rough cost -Think of how much this would cost you if you bought it all separately.

– Wendy house – roughly £300
– See-Saw – roughly £100
– Monkey Bar – Roughly £250
– Swing set – Roughly £150
– Child’s Chalk Board – Roughly £6.00
– Free standing slide – Roughly £90
– Child’s picnic area – Roughly £70

The total to buy all of this separately is around £970. This is the cost for all of these item separately.

So why not buy it cheaper and have it nice and neat in one space in the garden!? 🙂

Please click HERE to view our full range of climbing frames.

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