Climbing Frames for a Smaller Space

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Since arguably every child would love to have some kind of climbing frame readily accessible in the garden, it inevitably follows that many will face disappointment as climbing frames for small gardens can often be hard to come by.

If you have any sort of “workable” garden space, there is sure to be something for your children. Even a single swingset, such as the Kettler Single/Double Swing can bring that little bit more cheer to the garden, it can help your children get a bit more outdoor exercise and can easily be covered over when the winter weather sets in. A single slide can also be a good addition to the back garden and, like above, can easily be covered come the winter time.

However, sometimes only a full climbing frame will do, and even these – if you look in the right place – can come in a compact enough size to fit into limited space. Providing you have a grassy space (as the climbing frames are designed to sit on a grass surface) models such as the Balmoral Fort Climbing Frame should just about fit comfortably into a modestly-sized garden, as well as being available from Selwood at a reasonable price. Another compact frame is the Rendle Fort climbing frame, which comes with a built-in slide, is higher than it is wide and is available from the Selwood website.

With the swingset as an exception, wooden climbing frames are most certainly the best type of climbing frame for the typical small garden in Britain. These are made very easy to assemble (and disassemble in a hurry!) by both Climbing Frames UK and Selwood Climbing Frames, and if placed on a stable grassy surface, are certain to be safe and provide much needed playing spaces for your children.

Made of cedar wood, with a quick spray of water repellent they will endure all but the very worst of the British weather, which is good news when the kids insist on playing on them come rain or shine!

Furthermore, a smaller climbing frame will be far easier and quicker to spray and cover and generally maintain, meaning more potential enjoyment for years to come. Can you fit just a small climbing frame in your back garden?

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