Climbing Frames with Swings and Slides for Children’s Garden Play

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Fitting all the outdoor toys into your garden can be a pain, with toys left strewn all over garden, ready for anyone to trip over… they can also take up so much space and you’re left looking out of the window at a child’s adventure playground. With the Playhouse on the left, swing set on the right, slide at the back and the sandpit left uncovered in the middle, what happened to mum and dad’s garden?! Why not consider our all-in-one wooden climbing frame manufactured by

Combine all your outdoor toys into one great play system

Wooden climbing frames
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could combine all of these toys into one, compact, stunning structure that will last throughout your children’s childhoods? Climbing Frames UK have a fantastic range of wooden climbing frames which do just that. All of our products are made from cedar wood, which looks lovely and is very durable, especially when you consider every item comes with a 10 year guarantee. There’s a huge range of models to chose from, with prices ranging from as little as a couple of hundred pounds, right through to huge play systems fit for a king, or queen.

Choose from wooden or UV resistant vinyl roof types, a variety of slides, lower playhouses, swings and built-in sandpits. To add to the already outstanding value, we stock a range of accessories which complement all of our frames perfectly. There is so much choice when it comes to play frames for the garden – but you needn’t look further than Climbing Frames UK. We have everything you need to kit the garden out for the kids.

Including Swings and Slides

All of the kids wooden climbing frames we offer have a 10-year wood guarantee and are designed purely for residential use. They comply with EN71 safety standards and are suitable for older children as well as for the younger members of the family, and even toddlers and babies with our swing set accessories. Our wooden climbing frames include slides, whether it’s a straight slide, curved slide or tube slide you’re after, we’ll have something to suit your needs.

swing set swings and 2-child gliderscurved slides

Our climbing frames also have great swing sets attached including either two swings and a trapeze bar, or two swings and a 2-child glider as shown in the image above. Kids love to swing, and having a swing attached to your play set saves loads of room, which is ideal if you have a smaller garden.

Plus Monkey Bars and Playhouses

If you’re also considering a playhouse and some monkey bars for your children then why not incorporate them into your play set too? Our combination monkey bar swing beam offers the ability to either have swings, or a challenging monkey bar, and our wooden playhouse is great for imaginative play and includes two stools, serving counter, windows and flower box as shown in the images below. It’ll take up no more space in your garden, but offer the kids hours of outdoor garden play.

monkey barswooden playhouses

Browse our range today and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. We have a dedicated and experienced customer service team who will be able to help with every question you throw at them! We look forward to delivering your climbing frame soon!

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