Climbing Frames UK – Wednesday Adventurer.

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After looking back through our Wednesday adventurer blogs it has come to our attention that all these adventurers are male. Our climbing frames  and outdoor play equipment are for girls and boys alike so we thought it was about time that we evened up the battle of the sexes and gave a female adventurer the chance to shine.

This Wednesday’s adventurer is Amelia Earhart who was born in Kansas in 1897. She was the 16th woman to gain a pilot’s license and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. This fascination with aviation first began in 1920 when she took her first flight in an aeroplane. From then on she took various different jobs from photographer to truck driver to be able to afford flying lessons.

So intent on looking like a professional pilot Amelia slept in her leather pilot’s jacket for three nights in a row to give it a more worn in appearance. After a life spent championing women and their worth, Earhart went missing over the central Pacific Ocean whilst attempting to travel around the globe.

Which climbing frame would Amelia buy?

The Grande Panorama:

With Amelia Earhart’s love of flying the trapeze on this fantastic set is really the reason we chose it for her. However it also has some other fantastic features such as a playhouse upstairs and downstairs.


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