Climbing Frames – Wednesday Adventurer

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Along with our passion for outdoor play equipment and climbing frames we love adventure and fun. Every other Wednesday we want to tell you a little about the adventurers we admire. Getting the children out of the house and into the garden exploring their surroundings is a fantastic way of encouraging their imagination.

Adventurer Brian Jones would definitely have loved our climbing frames and outdoor play equipment as a child. In 1999 Brian and his companion Bertrand Piccard managed to pilot a balloon non-stop around the world for the very first time in history. The former RAF pilot and his Swiss team-mate took off on Monday 1st March, in a balloon called the Orbiter Breitling 3, and landed 21 days later.

They traveled a total of 46,666 km, the furthest a flight in history within the earth’s atmosphere by any type of flying machine. The balloon amazingly managed to reach altitudes of 38,507ft and speeds of 142 mph.

So what next for the balloon instructor and examiner? Brian is working on the Solar Impulse Project, a solar powered aeroplane which he hopes will travel around the world.

Who has been your favourite adventurer so far?

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