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We believe in encouraging adventure and exploration. We work hard to ensure that our climbing frames, play equipment, swings, trampolines do just that. We’re not sure whether he had a climbing frame or swing set himself, but Roald Amundsen was an inspirational explorer.

A fairly long time ago (1872) in Borge, Norway, Roald Engebreth Gravning Amundsen was born. As a teenager Roald had become fascinated with English explorer John Franklin and had dreamed one day of becoming an explorer himself. In 1899 he became a sea captain and in 1910 set sail for the North Pole, planning to be the first to reach it. However just before setting sail he received word that fellow explorer, Robert Peary had actually beat him to it. Not the type to be easily defeated Roald continued with his expedition, telling only his brother that the course had changed and they were now heading for the South Pole. On December 14th, 1911 Roald and his team reached their destination, beating a British team under Captain Scott by four weeks.

Roald Amundsen would buy: The Ridgeview

Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen

The Ridgeview

The Ridgeview £699

Roald is clearly not afraid of a little cold weather (temperatures get as low as -74 degrees Fahrenheit in the South Pole) so he would love any one of our playsets as they can be used all year round. Playing in the snow is one of winter’s great joys. Many think a climbing frame is just for warmer months but it is great to get everyone in the garden when the snow falls too. The Ridgeview is fantastic value and has everything you could want from a climbing frame. A true adventurer needs monkey bars, rock wall, wavy slide, swings and a glider. In fact they would expect nothing less.

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