Combat Summer Sofa Syndrome.

The summer holidays can have been bringing many of’s  parents out in a hot sweat just thinking about it. Trying to keep children looked after and entertained for that amount of time can be near impossible. But now weight management company MoreLife have warned of another pitfall of the 6-week break – Summer Sofa Syndrome. Read on to learn more and hear our ideas on how to combat summer sofa syndrome.

The danger that children face in the summer holidays is not from climbing trees or getting themselves into trouble, it is slumping on the sofa in front of the TV, video games or internet and staying there. MoreLife, who work regularly with the NHS, claim that children can gain up to half a stone during the summer hols and have stressed the importance of keeping them active. More time spent in bed, the lack of structure they usually get at school and a free reign of the kitchen cupboards are all to blame for the possible weight gain.

Nowadays just 29% of children enjoy regular outdoor activity, thanks to a preference for electronic based toys and stricter parental boundaries. The article we found on stated that there are now 4.5 million overweight children in Britain, over half of which are clinically obese. This figure has tripled over the last 30 years. If this continues to increase at the same rate, by 2050 70% of girls and 55% of boys will be overweight or obese.

MoreLife encourages an active lifestyle and instilling this in our children from a young age. This doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, our climbing frames can cost just 18p a day. Below MoreLife has suggested a few easy to tackle activities along with the calories they would burn and what that equals in food:

20mins of trampolining = 400 calories = 2 slices of Margarita pizza
45mins garden football = 320 calories = 6 chicken nuggets
40 mins dancing with friends = 240 calories = ham & cheese white toastie

And of course, outdoor play equipment in your own garden is a great way to encourage kids off the sofa and into the garden. To view our range of climbing frames and trampolines follow the links.

What do you think about MoreLife’s warning? How do you get your children outdoors and off the sofa?

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