Combination Monkey Bar Swing Beam

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We are always on the lookout for exciting, new accessories for climbing frames and this year we have not been disappointed. The design department at Selwood Products are on fire! They have introduced this year, their new Monkey Bar Swing Beam and we are lucky enough to have lots of new frames with this brilliant invention as standard!

Combination Monkey Bar Swing Beam

It’s the perfect space saver, meaning that for families who don’t have a huge garden, there is no need for them to miss out! The new beam incorporates the age-old favourites – the swings – with the more challenging and increasingly popular monkey bars. Simply detach the swings and the kids can scramble along the monkey bars. The beam has a three-rung ladder at the side so that the monkey bars are easily reached and there are six ladder rungs along the top of the beam!

The swings are staggered along the monkey swing beam meaning that weight is evenly distributed. The beam is 2.13m high, meaning that older children will still be able to use the monkey bars without their feet dragging along the floor – this beam will be providing a challenge for years to come.

Take at look at our range of climbing frames with the Combination Monkey Bar Swing Beam now!

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