Combinations of swing sets: whats best for you!

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At Selwood, we have a wide selection of frames that suit your requirements, whats more though, we have a range of swing combinations for the frames that may not seem apparent when looking through the products. In this blog we will tell you the different combinations available so that it helps you to decide what swing set is most suited to your needs.


Swing Beam:

Selwood Monkey Bar Swings

Selwood Monkey Bar Swings

The swing beams can either be a single beam or a monkey ladder swing. The single beam means that it has one purpose, which is to support the swings. The monkey bar ladder swing has two functions: to support the swings and also is a monkey bar. The monkey bar ladder swing provides the perfect opportunity for your children to test their limits and see how far they can swing. These swings are great to help build your child’s upper body strength.

Monkey Bar Safety Notice: We advise Swings & Swing Accessories should be removed from a combination monkey bar swing before using it as a monkey bar.


Seat Positions: 

The Swing beams can either have enough room for two swing positions or three.

Please note: None of our frames come with a one position swing beam. In order to have a one-position swing beam you will have to manually shorten the beam by measuring up the length equally on both sides of the beam and sawing it.


Swing Features:

We have three different products available for the swings,

Belt Swing: They are made from supple, flexible plastic which wraps around the hips and provides comfort and support for your child as they swing. The plastic is UV-resistant, meaning it won’t fade in the sun and the ropes are soft to the touch so even your littlest little one can swing away to their heart’s content, without fear of hurting their hands.

Trapeze Bar: This link takes you to the swing sets which include trapeze bars that are made of the highest quality metal, plastic and rope, and are guaranteed to last, long after your children grows out of the swing set!

Selwood Glider: The glider has two seats so children can sit back-to-back and ‘glide’ back and forth. The glider also has the benefit that it can easily be used by a single child if a friend or sibling 2-Child-Glider_10-02-2012-5-1-59is not available. Please note: The Selwood Glider will NOT fit the Selwood 2009/10 Products like Belfort, Providence, Sunview or Cedar Valley Lodge which were all marketed as swingsets without glider upgrade.  Separate drilling IMG_1749__12-08-2014-1-3-7of two holes into swing beam will be required if you buy this item to fit to the Andorra or Meadowvale set.

Selwood High Back Baby Seat: The high back baby seat is a fantastic addition to any play set or swing set for younger children.  The seat is suitable for children aged from six months to 36 months.The integral T bar support, waist strap and high back provide plenty of restraint and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable swing. Please note: None of the frames will come with this, you need to purchase additionally.



You can purchase any of the swing features online on our Accessories page.

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