Commercial? No Sale – Sorry Residential Use Only

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Having had a few business contact us asking the same question about climbing frames and they have all received the same answer. Are sets are tested to EN71 standards, not EN1176 which is the standard needed for use in public places. Being blunt about it, if you don’t know why you need sets to conform to EN76 then you should not be the buyer for play equipment for whatever organisation you represent. At very least appropriate research should be done we suggest looking at the ROSPA site to begin with.

Play Forts

Recommended use in private residential sets they are tested for children up to 49.9kg with up to four kids on at any one time. We have stood at the very top of our play sets and have been perfectly safe and as you can see Selwood Steve is perfectly safe (our accountant) and weighs just a little more than 50kg. You have no worries climbing up with the kids just a bit of common sense prevails on smaller frames where space is like with the Andorra the deck isn’t big enough for more than a couple of kids to sit comfortably.


Swings are subject to the same 50kg tests and we have used them many times at Climbing Frames UK HQ and being full sized adults above 50kg we are all still safe and well so your kids will be perfectly safe.

Slides and other features are also tested to the same high standards and we know they are safe for use in gardens, that’s what we have them tested for. If you are buying for commercial purposes even if you are a small nursery. If we are made aware we will have no choice but to cancel the order as it would be irresponsible to sell an item to you. Now explaining every aspect of how we go about reaching EN71 and make climbing frames safe would take an age, however, the basic philosophy is to make sure there are no areas that children can catch themselves on causing trips or cuts. Of course, play accidents happen, but following the EN71 guild lines the equipment reduces the chances.

You can check out articles on safe surfaces and maintenance checks that will further assist you.

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