Decorate the inside of your playhouse

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Now that you have decorated the exterior of the playhouse using our handy tips from our BLOG it may be worth to start considering decorating the inside! Painting the interior can immediately give the room more space and make it feel more open by keeping the paint colours very light and airy.

Once you’ve got the initial layer of paint down on all surfaces you can really start to unleash your creativity. Use cups, and plates or other hard edged objects as stencils to create simple patterns, or make cardboard cut outs for more complex designs like flowers or animals.

Camouflage patterns are another simple idea that will be great fun for the kids to paint, you can mark out sections freehand and work on a ‘colour by numbers’ approach. Choose plain greens and browns for the usual look, or go wild with some bold and bright colours to create something that really stands out.

Keeping the brightness on the inside is very important, but a simple wallpaper border could inject a bit of colour, or just decorate the walls with your child’s artwork.









Additional decorating ideas:

  • Fairy lights (mains powered or battery operated)
  • Curtains, table cloths and other matching fabric
  • Kitchens, tables and chairs and other furniture
  • Window boxes (with or without plants inside!)
  • Cushions or beanbags for a nice place to relax
  • Bookshelves or board games for more or a clubhouse feel
  • How about an easel or chalkboard – you could even paint a chalk board on the side of the playhouse?

The only real limit to what you can do with  wooden playhouse is time investment and imagination! Try to get the whole family involved for some great memories which just like your playhouse will last for years to come.


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