DIY Climbing Frames

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Are you building your own climbing frame? Or maybe even a little adventure area in a bedroom?
Do you need to add a slide, swing or monkey bars?

We also sell parts of our Climbing frames separately! The separate items can also be brought on

View our DIY Slides.

We have many types of slides from straight wavy slides to open spiral and tube slides. Most of these slides are to fit onto a 5ft (1.5 Meter) Deck height. We also have one straight (wavy) slide for a 1 meter deck height and one for a 1.2 meter deck height.

These slides are From £80

View Our Swing Accessories.

Maybe you need some additional swings for your climbing frame? or maybe even some swim beam hangers? We sell them ! We have Trapeze bars, Baby seats for the older and younger children, two child gliders and more swing accessories.

These swing accessories are from only £6

View our DIY Climbing Frames

In this section we have everything else you will need to help create your own climbing frame. From Hand grips, ground anchors, Rockwall rocks and a firemans pole.

These accessories are from £8

When ordering these accessories please make sure they are the correct height and have the correct fixings for your frame. If you are unsure please use our Live Chat system or call us on 0800 014 7191 and we will be able to help you!

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