US doctors say that trampolines are a danger for children

American doctors have declared trampolines to be a health hazard for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a report, estimating that at least 98,000 children are injured each year as a direct result of trampolining in the back garden. The AAP has now advised paediatricians to ‘actively discourage’ parents from allowing their children to use a trampoline at home.

UK safety experts agree with the American doctors that injuries from trampolining are on the rise as the sport becomes increasingly popular, however, they haven’t agreed with their counterparts that children should be discouraged from using them. They say, in fact, that trampolining is a healthy form of exercise.

Dr Michele LaBotz, who co-authored the AAP report said: “Families need to know that many injuries occur on the mat itself, and current data do not appear to demonstrate that netting or padding significantly decrease the risk of injury.”

The researchers found that most injuries occur when two or more children are trampolining together. The report also says that children under five are more likely to suffer from injuries, with 48% of injuries among this age group being quite serious, such as fractures and dislocations. They also say that some of the injuries may be fatal, for example, failed attempts at somersaults can cause cervical spine injuries.

But the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) thinks that as long as a few simple rules are followed, trampolining can be an enjoyable pastime for everybody. For example, putting the trampoline on grass instead of on concrete or paving and using safety netting to prevent children falling off.

We agree with Rospa – trampolining is a great way to exercise and as long as children are supervised by parents, there is no reason why a recreational trampoline can’t be great fun! We highly recommend that trampolines are placed on a grassy surface for two principle reasons. Firstly, if a child does fall from the trampoline, they will be falling on to a softer surface. Secondly, with use, the trampoline will settle into the lawn, meaning that it is less likely to move around.

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You can read the full news article here.

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