Dream Gardens

We may not have been having the best weather of late for sprucing up the garden, but, the sun has to shine at some point and when it does we want to be ready. Planning a dream garden can be tricky at times, it’s often hard to know where to start and where to go with it. Many spend years renovating a house but often the garden is an afterthought.

Once you have some idea of what you need your garden for and what requirements it has get planning. Our Yardistry and outdoor climbing frames can act as focal points for a garden and add a contemporary element.

Like most things a little inspiration is all you need. We have found some great images on the internet and wanted to share them with you. A garden should be an extension of your home and style. These may be a little out there but great gardens are there to be appreciated. We hope they offer you some inspiration.

Here are our dream gardens tell us about yours…

Romantic setting.

A very chic outdoor dining area.

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