Easy Home Build Climbing Frames!

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Home Build Climbing Frames!

Design Advantage
All climbing frames and play equipment from Climbing Frames UK are designed for your garden by Selwood  and to be built with DIY tools by you. All our sets are able to be build by novices within 1-2 days. Once you’re playset is delivered all you’ll need to do is refer to your owners manual for an easy step-by-step guide to building and maintaining your play equipment.

Designed For Home Build
Our garden play equipment is specifically designed for home-build, including an instruction/owners manual, all required wood, hardware and accessories. Our sets have been designed with the novice home-builder in mind. Our manuals are clear and concise, and our sets are pre-prepared to make things as easy as possible. Not only that, we also ensure that our sets can be built with normal DIY tools.

Pre-Cut, Pre-Drilled, Pre-Stained
When we are manufacturing our wood we ensure all wooden parts are pre cut for you to exactly the right lengths and shapes. We also pre-drill all the bolt holes in the correct places to ensure it’s easy to identify the parts and put them in the right places as your build. This also enables you to ensure the climbing frame, swings and playhouses are as level as possible when you build them. In addition to this, we also pre-stain all the wooden components to ensure they look great and are protected from the weather.

Our instructions and owners manuals are illustrated and broken down into easy stages to make the build as simple as possible. Learn more about or instruction manuals here, or view the product manual on the ‘tech spec’ tab on each product page.

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It’s just like building a bigger Ikea bookcase

Our manuals are fully illustrated and are specifically designed to make the installation as easy as possible. We never pretend our frames are a complete breeze but we promise that they are completely do-able, by professionals and novices alike. All of our frames are designed for home build. As with most things in life preparation is key!

Here is a break down of what you need for the build:


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us:

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