Exciting Times! New Frames Coming Soon!

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  • Milford 
  • Hartley 
  • Branbury 
  • Sutton 
  • Orton

These new frames come with our large dimension design giving the climbing frame even more stability, strength and a stunning look, our new uprights are soft to the touch, super-strong and are free from splinters, sharp edges or deep cracks that could harm your children’s hands. The Selwood Products brand is synonymous with safety, fun and family.

These new frames are ideal for those who want everything but don’t have enough space in their garden to fit it all in.

The main key feature on the new Climbing Frames are our monkey bar / swing combo which come with either 2 or 3 position swing beams which you can attach belt swings, a trapeze and even a glider too!


The play decks are slightly higher than previous frames with a height of 5ft from the ground and 119cm by 90cm in area.

It can be reached by the combination rock wall at the back of the frame manufactured keeping small hands in mind so they are easy to grip. They provide a more challenging ascent whilst the slats make it easier for the younger climbers in the family. The kids can make a quick descent on the straight 10ft double strength wavy slides and then take a break on one of the café stools which are attached to the front of the lower playhouses.

These playsets are also manufactured from 100 % cedar wood and pre-stained with a water based stain. The wood is also pre-cut and pre-drilled which helps make home-build as easy as possible.
We also supply an illustrated owner’s manual showing you exactly how to build the set. All you’ll need is basic DIY tools.


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