Finding your Perfect Wooden Playhouse

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Are your children eager to get outside and play but struggling to find things to do? Wooden playhouses are a great way to spark your little ones’ imaginations with hours of safe fun and a place they can go to play with their toys and games. Wooden playhouses can also really brighten up a garden, especially as they are beautifully designed for children and crafted using our quality cedar wood, the adults get jealous that they don’t have one for themselves!  With superb design features and subtle styling, our playhouses are both fun and practical, and look fabulous too. Constructed from the same quality wood as our wooden garden playsets and climbing frames, and using our tough and durable hardware, our wooden playhouses are designed to offer years of fun and enjoyment.

Maradale-Playhouse_12-03-2015-4-9-31_1777Playhouses are great for developing you children’s sense of imagination and play, and their own little wooden playhouse gives them somewhere to hide away from adults and having fun with siblings and friends, whether rain or shine. A children’s wooden playhouse also offers plenty of opportunity for active play, helping your kids to get out in fresh air and exercise. An enclosed spaces with room to move, you can even store a few of their favourite outdoor toys or sports equipment here to ensure they have plenty to keep them occupied. It is impotent to encourage 3+-year-olds to play with children their own age will allow them to build their confidence and let them find their independence. They’ll soon be flourishing in a safe environment, developing their social skills and learning more about themselves. Win, win, win!

Playhouses Vs Climbing Frame

These wooden playhouses are great options if you do not have a huge space available in your garden, as they are a very compact piece of play equipment and really suit the younger kids as it does require any climbing. If your budget is a little tight to buy a frame then these wooden playhouses are a really cost effective alternative to a Climbing Frame and can still provide the kids with outdoor play equipment.

We have a wide range of wooden playhouses available, Finding your Perfect Wooden Playhouse at Selwood should be easy, built from high-quality materials and easy to assemble, you can give your children the perfect present in an instant with our range of playhouses by shopping online today.

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