Why A Fort Could Be The Right Choice For Your Garden

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Balmoral-Fort-Playset_02-10-2012-12-48-7_1118If there is one thing that children like doing , one thing that climbing frames staffers know is that children are built to play, as their bodies grow they want to stretch their muscles and enjoy being active. It is part of growing up and if you are able to offer them ways to play then you are doing them a service. One of the best ways to encourage play and to develop confidence in your child or children is by buying a playset that can be set up in your backyard and provide the children with hours of fun.

Playsets have developed massively over the years, and there are now many variations of playsets that allow children to explore play and build confidence in many different ways. From climbing a wooden frame to building and defending their fort, there are hundreds of stories and adventures that can be experienced with a good outdoor play set. It is up to the parent or adult though to choose the playset that he or she thinks the child or children will most benefit from.

So Why Choose A Fort?

Perhaps one of the very best versions of the outdoor playset is the fort. Forts are ideal if you have an outdoor space that is not as large as you would like it to be, or if you already have a small garden that is packed to the rafters with toys. At Selwood we have some marvelous examples of forts that really help to make your backyard into an incredibly adventurous place to be. Many of our forts work well because they have a real feel of a den, or a place where children can pretend that their stories and dreams about being knights or princesses can be realised.

The Beauty Of Cedar Wood

All the forts that we manufacture are crafted from cedar wood. Cedar wood is the very best wood available, mainly for the simple reason that it is the safest wood that you can have in your garden for children to play on. Cedar is famous for having an amazing knot-like structure within the wood, which prevents it from splintering. Any parent that has taken their child to a playground or a park will know that there is nothing worse than watching your child wincing in pain as they receive a splinter from a piece of playground equipment. This wood resists splintering, making it much safer than any other wood on the market. It is also resistant to rotting and insect attacks, which makes the structure much safer, no matter what the weather or the environment throws at it.

We are proud of our forts here at ClimbingFramesUK. All of them are constructed from the finest cedar wood and contain strong and high rails to maintain child safety. They also come in a variety of designs, allowing you much more choice when you are considering this particular structure to place in your backyard for your children to play on. To find out more visit our website, and in the meantime, get ready to help your children play better and become more confident with some amazing wooden playsets.

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