From Climbing Frames to Cirque Du Soleil

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A climbing frame is not merely for enjoyment and fun. ‘WHAT?’ I hear you all cry. Investing in a climbing frame or swing set for your children could be setting them on a future career path – Joining the circus.

This is simply a warning and some helpful hints. They may come to love their climbing frame and trapeze bar so much that they will want to up sticks and join the circus. The weightless feeling of twisting and turning and swinging is like no other. With our trapeze bar accessory, which can be bought separately and attached to your climbing frame in place of a belt swing (or if you would rather some of our climbing frames come with the trapeze as standard), you could be getting them into training from a young age. If this is something you wish to encourage have a read of our tips on helping your children to join the circus:

  1. Prepare them for a lot of hard work. After-school hours and weekends should be spent making the most of their climbing frame.
  2. Invest in a trapeze bar accessory to help them practice. Upper body strength is vital in a trapeze artist.
  3. Get them used to life on the road. Turn their bedroom into a walk in wardrobe/study and relocate them to the garden.
  4. Introduce them to exotic animals. Regular Zoo trips may help.
  5. Meal times and bed times must be prefaced with the words ‘Roll up, roll up’.
  6. Save up to send them to Circus School. The Academy of Circus Acts has a huge success rate – 99% of their students go onto work professionally in the circus.
  7. If all else fails, remember there are other occupations out there. Although, possibly none quite as exciting.

Of course this is just a little bit of fun we wouldn’t dream of suggesting you turf your children out into the garden whilst you enjoy a spacious walk in wardrobe (be nice though wouldn’t it?). But the trapeze bar is a really fun accessory and those little ones with big imaginations can pretend to be the World’s greatest trapeze artists, practice tricks to wow their friends and most importantly of all they can spend time outside and moving.

Our climbing frames come with a variety of features such as wavy slides, rock-walls, belt swings, monkey bars and gliders. Purchasing accessories alongside your climbing frame could add a whole new play element as well as shape their future career path (perhaps not, but you never know).

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