Fun With Your Climbing Frame At Easter

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To plan the perfect Easter Egg hunt you will need to:
– Decorate the house and garden where you’re holding the party! You can decorate with lots of coloured balloons, streamers, and paper cut outs of Easter eggs, rabbits, and carrots!

– Set up a table inside the house with coloured, but blank labels, Have coloured markers and stickers. When the children arrive, let them decorate and personalize a label for their own basket for the Easter egg hunt. The hunt begins after everyone has decorated his or her basket.

– Think of where to hide all the eggs. Make some are easier to find for the little kids, and some much more difficult for the older children.

– You could even scatter little cards around the garden. These could be Clue Cards with a clue to where the eggs are hidden.

Clue: This egg has made friends with the lawnmower/rake/plant pots. (Prize: hidden in the shed)
Clue: This egg is hiding by a beautiful red/yellow/blue flower (Prize: hidden by a plant in your garden)
Clue: This egg likes to hide were we like to sit (Prize: hidden by a garden chair)
Clue: This egg is thirsty, where do you think it is hiding? (Prize: hidden by the hose)
Clue: This egg likes to get nice and clean (Prize: hidden in the bath)
Clue: This egg is fast asleep in … (Prize: hidden in a bed)
Clue: This egg is getting toasty and warm (Prize: hidden in the airing cupboard, oven or near a radiator)
Clue: This egg is ready to go out (Prize: hidden in a shoe or coat pocket)
Clue: This egg likes to hide where we like to sit (Prize: hidden on a kitchen chair or sofa)

After the Easter egg hunt the children could even decorate there own eggs?

It wouldn’t be complete without making and decorating their own Easter eggs.
My favourite is with hard-boiled eggs! This is the ‘colour and sticker’ method. It is so simple, cute and looks brilliant.

  • Hard boil your eggs and leave them to cool.
  • Dye the eggs with food colouring. Mix 20 drops of food colouring, add two tablespoons of vinegar and 250ml of water, submerge your egg for 10 minutes or so. Using food colouring (or commercial dyes) will not result in bright colours, especially as many eggs are now brown, but the eggs will look nice and have an even finish.
  • Remove and pat dry with kitchen towel.
  • Buy some stickers and colourful pens and let the children design their own eggs.


You could also do some children games:

Pin the Tail on the Bunny
This game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead of a donkey, kids pin the tail on an Easter Bunny. You can either draw your own bunny on a large piece of paper or blow up and print out an image of a bunny. Hang the bunny image on a wall. Supply each child with a cotton ball that has a piece of tape on it. To play, children are blindfolded, spun in three circles and directed toward the bunny picture. The child who places his cotton ball closest to the rear of the bunny wins the game.

Who Stole my Easter Egg?

In this game, children hide an Easter egg from a child Easter Bunny. Have kids sit in a circle on the floor. Select one child to be the Easter Bunny. This child steps out of the room while one of the children sitting in the circle is given a plastic Easter egg to hide behind his back. The Easter Bunny comes back into the room and has three chances to guess who stole his Easter egg. If he correctly guesses who stole his Easter egg, he gets to choose the next Easter Bunny. If he is incorrect, the person who has the Easter egg must reveal himself and gets to play the Easter Bunny in the next round of the game.

Bunny Tag

Children will have fun hopping around in this Easter version of the game tag. Ask one child to volunteer to be “it.” The remaining players hop around, trying to avoid being tagged by “it,” who also hops. Children who are tagged by “it” must sit out. Also, if a child is caught running instead of hopping, she is automatically out of the game. The last child standing wins the game and gets to select who “it” will be for the next game.

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