Garden Play – perfect for Summer!!

Thinking of how to keep the little ones occupied during the summer holidays???  In August, we have some amazing products arriving perfect for your little ones, perfect for you purse strings and perfect for summer.

The Selwood Sand and Picnic Table is an classic picnic table with a twist – the centre panel comes out to reveal a fun sand pit area.  Alternatively, this area could be used for storing of small outdoor toys.  This sand and picnic table from Selwood Products is truly versatile thanks to its multi-uses, and when the table top is down, it’s a great place to spend time doing creative play and playing with their friends.


We also have a brand NEW playhouse coming in which is really beautiful.  With a semi-sheltered canopy to the side, leading onto a window, your little ones can use their imagination and either play tea shops or just entertain their friends.  With a letterbox next to door, you can exchange notes them, alerting them it is time for tea and there is a small chalkboard so they can write their name on.

Take a look online for these lines and ensure you and your children have a fantastic playful Summer!!

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