Getting Climbing Frame Ready

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We often get questions from our climbing frames customers about surfacing and preparing their gardens for their new climbing frames. A great way to do that is with tyre chippings. Not only is it mostly maintenance free, it is a great way of recycling. Although we are sure this is not what fly tippers, who dumped 70 tyres in Barlow park, Bolton, had in mind. Some thoughtless and reckless individuals have costed the local council £500 in removing the tyres as well as a lot of inconvenience to children wanting to use the outdoor play equipment. Interestingly the maximum penalty for fly tipping is a whopping £50,000 and a possible 5 year prison sentence.

We have some tips for getting your garden climbing frame ready no prison sentence required. This may sound obvious but be sure to measure your garden and take note of the climbing frame dimensions prior to purchasing. We also suggest a 1.7m perimeter of space around the playset to allow for whizzing around and swinging. Of course this is just a suggestion rather than a requirement. This may mean trimming back some shrubbery or hedges, trimming overhanging branches or simply cutting the grass and raking the leaves.

When deciding on where to put your climbing frame try to find a flat piece of ground. We aren’t suggesting it has to be pitch perfect but relatively flat is a good idea. General lumps and bumps can be ignored. It is entirely up to you whether you make like the naughty fly tippers and cover the space around your climbing frame with tyre chippings, bark or mulch. It is best to build the playset first and fill in with the surfacing of your choice afterwards. Selwood Climbing Frame Design would however never suggest placing them on concrete or slabbing as the ground anchors which hold the climbing frame in place, cannot be stuck into the ground.

What are the play areas like where you live? Have you noticed that they have improved or got worse over the years?

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