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The Sunview Junior climbing Frame manufactured for selwood climbing frames UK main supplier is coming into stock VERY soon!
Order now to secure the low price!

Sunview Junior is currently £229.00


Product Features

The Junior Climbing Frame is the ideal wooden swing set for your garden if you have younger children or a smaller garden space available for play equipment.

Ideal for young children, the Junior has a 1m deck, with a 1.8m long slide. This is slightly shorter than our normal climbing frames, which have 1.2m deck and 2.2m long slide. This makes it easier for you to reach and supervise them on the play deck, and makes the play equipment more compact so it takes up less space in your garden.

The back of the play deck includes a full width combination rockwall ladder so your children will be able to climb up one side and slide down the other!

There’s two swings so the children can swing together or with friends. The swings are our special belt swing design, ensuring the swing ‘grips’ your children’s hips, helping them to learn to swing with confidence.

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Sunview Dimensions

Sunview Frame - 2

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