Great Value Wooden Roof Frame!

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The Woodchester climbing frame is a great looking climbing frame which will sit elegantly in any garden. Newly designed by Selwood the uprights (legs). These are upgraded and supersized to offer even greater stability and strength. They are now  8cm x 8cm and have been developed to give much less cracking, twisting and checking than in standard pine or spruce larger dimensional lumber. As well as being super strong they are also soft to the touch and are free from splinters, sharp edges or deep cracks that could harm little hands.

The fully wooden roof not only looks gorgeous it offers protection from rain and sun so children can play to in all weathers. Our wooden roofs are also renowned for their durability. Covered by the wooden roof is the 119cm x 90cm upper play deck which features a vinyl chalk wall. From the 120cm high play deck little ones can zoom down the straight wavy slide. Our slides have high railed sides to keep children safely in place and flattened out bottoms to make sure they land on their feet and not in the mud. To reach the play deck there is a slatted rock wall ladder. The great thing about the slatted rock wall is that more accomplished climbers can use the professional style moulded rocks, and less confident climbers can use the gaps between the slats to put their feet on.

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Another fantastic feature is the monkey bar swing beam. Children love playing on monkey bars but sometimes there just isn’t room in the garden for swings and monkey bars. Not anymore. The 2 belt swings and trapeze bar simply clip onto the monkey bars when children want to play on them and unclip when they want to monkey around on the monkey bars. As if that wasn’t enough there is also ample space below the play deck for a sand play area. Simply add a ground sheet and some sand. This is perfect for younger members of the family who may not be able to master the rest of the climbing frame just yet but still want to join in on the fun.

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