Ground anchors and anchoring a play set

Goldenridge Climbing Frame

“How do i secure my climbing frame?”  “Do i need ground anchors for my play set?” “Should i use concrete?”

They are questions myself and my colleagues at Selwood Products are asked regularly.  I think they are very important questions to ask when you are planning on investing in one of our frames, or when you are embarking on a build.

It sounds odd to say it but, all of our wooden climbing frames are heavy.  This weight will ensure your frame finds a foothold in the ground (soil) below. Unlike other playsets which suggest you cement them in (which can be problematic when selling your home or if your in a rental property), ours do not require this. Our climbing frames are secured using metal or wooden ground anchors to provide stability.

What type of anchor do we supply?


I have added some images above, these are the anchor stakes we provide with all our sets. We offer 40cm metal anchors (for our Next Gen range) or 35cm wooden anchors (for our Selwood Climbing Frames) and we include 4 to 6 anchors depending on the model. Therefore, no need to buy them as an additional extra – our sets always come with anchors!

How do I fit them?

The ground anchors should be placed around the base line of the set to firmly hold it in place. The step by step manual that comes with your frame will pinpoint exactly where your anchors should go. Additionally the recommended depth for all anchors is a minimum of 35cm. The design of our anchors makes them easy to insert into the ground as well as easily removable.

In the following video you can see how to install them easily.


Ridgeview Climbing Frame

Maintaining your ground anchor stakes along with your play set is really important. We advise you check regularly throughout the year for any looseness, damage or deterioration. After heavy bouts of weather such as strong winds and rain, it’s vital to check the stakes to ensure they are still firmly anchoring the unit to the ground.

By ensuring that the anchors are fitted and fixed correctly, your family will have years of fun ahead with their climbing frame.  

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