Halloween Facepaints For Kids

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Some simple fantastic face paint ideas for Halloween


– Draw the outline of your pumpkin
– Draw the Stalk at the top
– Colour the pumpkin in Orange and the stalk in green
– You will need to draw and fill in black triangles for the eyes
– Fine black lines need to be drawn along the pumpkin to make it look round
– Finally the ‘mouth’ will need to be drawn and filled in black.


– Paint the whole face green
– Paint the eyebrows black and around the eyes yellow
– Add fine lines for wrinkles around the face
– Draw around the nose in a black outline creating a witch like nose
– You can add boils and spiders webs etc if you wish

– Paint the whole face white
– Cover the eyes in a black circle
– Draw two thick lines vertically down the nose
– Under the mouth draw a black line, continue the line up the side of the mouth and out towards the ears
– Draw in the outline of teeth above the line and over the child’s lips

– Paint the face grey/white
– If you wish add shading to the cheekbones, forehead and chin
– Add thick eyebrows on or over the top of your child’s eyebrows
– Draw a thick black outline around your child’s face with a very thick black area on the forehead dipping in between the eyebrows.
– Add a finer black outline around the child’s eyes with a flick at the ends
– Add lipstick or a ref face paint to the lips
– With a white colour add ‘fangs’ from the lips down to the chin
– Add blood or red colour to look like blood dripping from the mouth

These are some brilliant ideas for face painting! Don’t forget you can also decorate your playset too to make it even more fun for your kids this halloween!

Climbing Frames UK have a competition at the moment to WIN £50 for the best decorated set!


Here are some ideas:

Spiders web – This can be used on any swingset, Climbing frame or Playhouse. Its so easy to add and very cheap to buy.

Pumpkins – These can be around any set on the floor, on the deck or even in a playhouse.

Skeletons Can be hung from swings, slides etc.

Bats Can be ‘flying’ around the set

There are so many ideas and so many designs to do. We would love to see your set. Publish your picture to our facebook page Climbing Frames UK for the chance to WIN £50 !!

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