Heatwave Essentials

Some items have seen huge year-on-year sales increases on Amazon.co.uk – check out some of the following!!!!

[ox_list type=”ox_list_animated”]
  • 816% uplift in sales of paddling pools
  • 519% uplift in sales of sprinklers and sprayers
  • 305% uplift in sales of charcoal grills
  • 186% uplift in sales of hoses
  • 420% uplift in sales of grilling accessories
  • 543% uplift in sales of patio chairs and loungers
  • 145% uplift in sales of sun skincare products

Selwood Products commented that Climbing Frames, wooden playsets and Trampoline Sales are 127% up on the same period in July 2012 and CEO Andy Beard commented:

the UK weather has certainly made a huge difference to July sales. We would expect the market to be starting to slow down and not explode like it has

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