High quality cheap climbing frames in time for Christmas

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Here at Climbing Frames UK we pride ourselves on selling high quality cedar wood climbing frames for low prices. On the run up to Christmas, parents are on the hunt for good quality items for their children on the big day and we have just the thing! Climbing Frames make brilliant presents all year round.

All of our climbing frames designed by selwood are made from high quality cedar wood and carry a 10 year warranty against rot, decay and infestation. They all come with the hardware needed to build the climbing frame, which is covered by a 1 year warranty which also covers accessories such as the slide and swings. In addition to the hardware you will also receive a fully illustrated instruction manual to aid you with the construction of your new purchase.

We are often asked whether our climbing frames are difficult to build, we wouldn’t say that they are difficult to build but they will take some time to put up, as they are designed for home assembly and will arrive to you completely flat packed.

If you are buying with the aim to build before Christmas, we have a few tips to help speed up the installation process:

  • Upon delivery, check that you have received the correct boxes and the correct amount, mistakes are incredibly rare, but not impossible. We wouldn’t want you to find out on Christmas Eve that there has been an error. To find out what boxes you should receive, go onto the product page of your purchased climbing frame and you will see a grey tab saying “Tech Spec”, under this tab you will find all the details you need.
  • Before starting construction go through your boxes to check that all wood and hardware is present and correct. We recommend identifying each piece of wood by length and the drilled holes according to the instruction manual.
  • Prepare the area you will be placing it beforehand, this will speed up some time, and give you a clear space to work.
  • By identifying all the pieces before starting construction it will speed up the installation process as you will know what parts you require for the next step
  • Having two people will naturally speed up the process as well, even if the second person is preparing the wood and hardware for the next step.
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Currently, we have some fantastic deals on our products with some of our climbing frames being reduced by up to 65% – now those are some cheap climbing frames! Our current prices are valid until the 30th November 2012.

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