Highlander Weekend Climbing Frame Offer

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Climbing Frames UK are happy to announce their very special weekend offer.

At a reduced price until Monday morning, the Higlander multi level climbing frame is now reduced to an un-believable price.

Selwood designers have created a Wooden Play Centre with multi deck levels.  This means huge amounts of deck space for play whilst minimising the space that the climbing frame uses within the garden – Now you don’t need a huge garden to have a huge playcentre!

As well as offering up to three times the deck space, the Highlander offers all of the most popular play features. The Highlander has a 4 levels connected with flat steps with hand grips for safety, therefore the multi level play area suits families with different aged children.  There is a viewing areas at each level the kids can look out and mum and dad can see in!!!  There is a two tier wood roof with attractive sunbursts features.  At the bottom of the fort there is a useful storage area or this can be as an area for sand play or ball play. There is also the ever popular picnic and creative play table for up to 4 children. There is a 3m slide (may vary slightly from one pictured), a 1.5m extra wide solid rockwall and flat wood entrance steps to the rear. There is a 3 position Swing Beam with 2 colour coded belt swings and a 2-child glider which can also be used by a single child.

As well as all of the exciting features listed below, the Highlander playset also comes with a toy steering wheel and telescope which can be mounted onto the climbing frame where ever you wish. Your children will spend hours and hours inventing all kinds of imaginative games with this ultimate garden play centre.

This climbing frame is from the Premium range.  Featuring large dimension lumber up to 10cm x 10cm (4inch x 4inch), higher deck heights at 1.5m (5ft) as standard and larger play decks.  The higher deck means that the slide length is increased up to 3m (10ft), rockwalls are 30cm longer and there’s more standing room below the treehouse fort.

Take a look online now for the Highlander and treat your children to womderful play system which will last them years!!



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