Climbing Frames for Toddlers

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Our Climbing Frames are tried and tested on 3-10 years old, that’s not to say that your toddler can’t make the most of it also! Whilst the older ones are swinging away you can keep the little ones occupied with some of these activities and you can incorporate the frame to maximise its potential usage and manage to get some of the daily chores done without worrying about whether the kids are entertained. Here are some top activities that suit the climbing frames for toddlers.

Features For Toddlers

1. Sandbox

Bring the beach home! Kids of all ages love to play with sand but especially toddlers can have endless hours of fun playing and rolling around in it. At Climbing Frames, we have not one but two great options for sandpits…we have a Selwood Sandpit that you can purchase separately from our accessories page OR you can turn the base of the frame into a sandpit with the Sandpit Area. It super easy and cheap to do. All you need is to line the base of the frame with a waterproof material and staple it to the edges of the base, then simply add sand, couldn’t be any easier.

2. Playing with water

An absolute classic for keeping the kids entertained. The base of the frame allows a good space to put a small paddling pool or basin, all you have to do it add water and bubbles to add the fun factor and a few toys, you can chill out in the garden while the kids are all hanging out together.

3. Play pretend cafe/cooks

Toddlers love acting out they are in a kitchen and cooking and serving everyone a lovely meal. The cafe counter of the climbing frames is a perfect piece of equipment to allow this kind of play.

4. Swinging.

Most kids like to swing and with the purchase of our Selwood High Back Baby Seat you can allow the younger ones to access the swings as well! Fun for everyone. Follow the link to take you straight to the baby swing page, it has universal attachments so can be easily swapped with a belt swing or trapeze bar that you revived with your frame.

5. Climbing

Toddlers love to climb. Instead of frustrating this natural urge, create safe opportunities for them to exercise this important gross motor skill. Follow them up steps, spot them as they climb on the climbing wall and just make sure to stay right behind them as they ascend.

6.Fun with a Cardboard box

Another classic toddler activity is to make playhouses out of large cardboard boxes, and after your purchase of your climbing frame, you will have an abundance of large boxes available. For added fun, connect several boxes together to make tunnels leading between the playhouses.

As you can see from these examples climbing frames are for toddlers as well as the 3-10 years old! and the kids can all join together and have a great time on their Climbing Frame.

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