Huge Trampoline Sale

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We have just launched a humungous trampoline sale here at Climbing Frames UK. No back garden is complete without a trampoline. Everyone loves bouncing, young and old! The great thing about trampolines, particularly if you buy a slightly bigger one like the 14ft Jumpking air, is that they will last and last and as your children grow older they can continue using it. In fact trampolining is something you just never grow out of, little ones, teenagers, students, Mum’s, Dad’s and even grandmas love to bounce!

Trampolining is also great exercise and a fantastic way to get children out of the house, away from the Xbox and active. Who knows your little one could be the next Kat Driscoll, the world number one trampolinist. JumpKing is one of the world’s largest trampoline manufacturers and their trampolines are the cream of the crop. All come with a safety enclosure and steps making them not only fun but also safe. 10ft, 12ft and 14ft trampolines are now on sale so act fast, we only have limited stock.

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