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Woodbridge Wooden Playcentre

Watch your child’s imagination thrive on a Selwood climbing frame Woodbridge. This system, new to our 2008 range has many accessories, which will allow your children to make the most out of this system.

The top level enclosed clubhouse makes a start for any child’s outdoor adventures and acts as a base for the play system. With a wooden roof, it ensures fun is had throughout all weathers, not just the summer months. Below, the lower decking area and sandpit make sure no space is wasted. Not only this, the lower deck bench allows a place for your children to enjoy a break from all the fun.

The rockwall ladder combination allows access for both the less and most confident of climbers, and at the top you’ll find a tower, which will no doubt be used as a look out post for your children’s games. Go through the tunnel to enter the clubhouse. Surrounding the clubhouse is more deck space, to allow more space for your children’s imaginations to grow.

For the little ones, use the flat stepladder to go up to the clubhouse and join in the fun and games with the older children.

Not only can you come down from the clubhouse using the rockwall ladder, but try zooming down the 10’ fast track deep sided slide! The flat stepladder and slide can be alternated in position, so if your short on length space, just change the position of the slide to fit your garden!

Underneath the enclosed tunnel are two belt swings and a trapeze bar, making sure that all space within the Woodbridge is used wisely to allow your children to gain the most out of their play experience.

The fun doesn’t stop there, choose from our wide range of accessories to turn your climbing frame into a pirate ship, submarine, playhouse, or even a racing car! If you have younger ones, baby, infant and toddler swing seats are also available as optional extras.

The Woodbridge playset is ideal for any young child looking for more adventure in their back garden! With many different features, the Woodbridge is perfect for allowing your child’s imagination bloom in your own back garden.

Unfortunately this item is now discontinued. To view the current products please follow the link – Climbing Frames
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