Independent Blogger Review on the Highlander Swing Set

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We have found this fantastic independent blog on the Highlander Swing set designed by selwood. It includes great tips and an honest build guide.

The Highlander is one of our bigger swing sets and is hugely popular. Looking at it you can see why. It really has the wow factor and boasts a multi-level playhouse with 4 tiers and stepladders actually inside the playhouse to reach the higher levels. There is of course a wavy straight slide, 2 belt swings and 2 child glider for children to spend hours on. After all the excitement they may need a rest which is why the integrated picnic table is such a fantastic feature. Because it is such a great size it will last for years and grow with your children. Of course because of its sheer size it will take some time to put together, so patience and determination is vital, but as the blog proves it is entirely do-able and so worth it.

Some of the blogs top tips include; making sure you have all the tools you need for the build prior to starting and taking everything out of the box and labelling what is what.

Click the link to view our highlander swing set, also available in Europe and Australia.

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