Interview preparation

So how did you answer the ‘weakness’ question – What are your weaknesses?

“Chocolate” said the candidate who was being interviewed for quite a senior job role. I have to admit it brought a smile to my face and I tried to steer them to an answer that was something more career orientated. I’ve had a few answers during my time interviewing that were similar to that and I often wonder if the candidates have actually done any preparation at all? Let’s be honest once you’ve been out in the wide world for a while and had a an interview or two there are rarely any real surprise questions so you should have an arsenal of top quality answers in your interview database to draw from?

Having said that I’m not going to give the game away and give you my answer to the question but I will say that it has always worked for me but I’d like you to share yours and if you haven’t got one then maybe it’s time to start thinking of one?

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