It may not be summer, but it’s still a good time to buy outdoor equipment for kids.

So Summer has officially ended in Southern Europe, if the chilly temperatures out there this morning are anything to go by! Nevertheless, it is still a good time to go out and buy outdoor equipment for the kids.
Because Autumn is well and truly here, it doesn’t mean play stops. The children are back to school already up to their eyes in homework. It’s coats and jumpers at the ready and the nights starting to pull in. However, that doesn’t mean the children won’t play outside until next spring! In fact this is the time of year as parents we want to encourage our children to stay away from electronics, games consoles and get fresh air.

Autumn sounds like crispy leaves underfoot with pumpkin spiced latte smells and slow cooker recipes in abundance. However, the truth is that the weather around Southern Europe will still be nice for some months. So don’t dig out the gloves and scarves yet.

Let’s take a look at the weather for the last five years in some of the most popular cities in Europe. We can see that most European countries enjoy nice weather until the end of December. This is certainly a reason to buy a climbing frame for your family!

Weather Stats


SOUTHERN FRANCE24º/13º (484m)19º/10º (93mm)14º/6º (110mm)11º/4º (58mm)
PORTUGAL26º/17º (29mm)22º/15º (80mm)18º/12º (107mm)15º/10º (102mm)
SPAIN28º/18º (16mm)24º/14º (56mm)20º/11º (95mm)17º/8º (80mm)

You might think it’s too late to purchase a climbing frame for your family. Besides that you might be planning an extra special Christmas present for your children. Most importantly though, now really is a great time to purchase from Selwood. We have a broad ‘buy it now’ range in stock and ready to deliver to your home. Therefore when you have a Selwood climbing frame in your garden it is so easy for your children to get out and play.

To help you choose here are our 5 Best Sellers this Year:

The Meadowside II Climbing frame is perfect for all size and shaped gardens. Filled with fun, it includes the rockwall climbing ladder, chalk wall, monkey bar swing, two belt swings and a long 2.2m straight slide.
Carefully designed to provide a smaller layout footprint without missing any play features, the Hazelwood Climbing Frame is bound to be a hit. With the comfortable belt swings, monkey bars, rockwall ladder, a 1.2m slippery slide, kitchenette, chalkwall and sandpit area.   Hazelwood Children's Wooden Climbing Frame
The Next Generation Elan Climbing Frame is part our Next Generation range. 40% easier to build but with all our top features, 2 belt swings and a trapeze, a 1.2m wavy slide, a rockwall and ladder and a monkey bar for the most adventurous.
The Next Generation Epic Climbing Frame is a fan favorite thanks to its tubular slide, completely enclosed for a thrilling trip in the dark. It also includes 2 belt swings and a trapeze, a rockwall and ladder and a monkey bar.
Therefore if you have a bigger garden and budget, the Next Generation Nova Climbing Frame might be your best option. With a bigger footprint, the lower playhouse includes a magnetic door and a kitchenette for endless hours of role playing. It also includes a 1.2m wavy slide and an enclosed tubular slide, 2 belt swings, a trapeze, a rockwall ladder and a money bar.

We all know Autumnal weather can be hit and miss – sunny, cloudy, rainy – often all in one day!

All in all, we have some great deals available on our existing stock. Don’t let the change in seasons put you off investing in a climbing frame for your family! Outdoor play can be an all year feature with a Selwood climbing frame. Now is just the right time to take a look and buy! Remember Kids Play Outdoors, and its never too soon to buy.

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