JumpSport GamePak – THE accessory for trampolines

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JumpSport has an incredible game pack. The JumpSport GamePak includes a book with over 20 trampoline games to play for one player or more. All of these help build endurance, stamina, and balance. In addition to the book, it comes with 3 inflatable balls, 4 colour –coded shock cords, and 1 box of chalk.

In the GamePak the coloured chalk is used for drawing game patterns on the trampoline bed and the 3 inflatable balls or the 4 colour-coded bungees kids can use to create as many games as they can imagine – and for the book it has over 20 illustrated game ideas for multi-player games or for one trampoline jumper at a time.
The book includes a variety of competitive trampoline games using speed, skill, keep away and chase games, Chinese jump rope-like games all of which build endurance, coordination and promote organized play – you can have multiple players engaged in trampoline fun – AND DO IT SAFELY.

JumpSport GamePak


– Learn Safe Team Play
– Develop Stamina, Balance, Coordination, and Agility
– Improve Spatial Awareness
– Set includes: Illustrated Book of 20 Games, 3 inflatable Balls, 4 Shock Cords, 1 Box of Trampoline Chalk, and a Whole lot of Fun!

This GamePak is enough to knock your socks off (Unless of course you are wearing your trampoline socks). Ideal for parties, and days that you only wish you had your friends over. The JumpSport Gamepak is designed to please you as a parent and your children. When you find out that your children are having fun, whilst doing things like building speed, coordination and endurance, you will probably want to join them.

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