Keeping the children entertained over the Christmas holidays!

With the Christmas holidays nearly upon us, what can we do to make sure the children stay entertained whilst at home? We know they will have fun playing with their presents but we also know that this won’t last long! Think ahead and prepare yourself with a range of activities bound to keep the little ones entertained during the school holidays.

Brilliant Baking – Get them in the kitchen with you and spend time baking together. Children love to create sweet treats to eat and we have found a great recipe from the Mail Online’s food & drink section for ‘Festive Fairy Cakes’ – yummy little treats flavoured with warming wintery cinnamon and zesty orange! Why not try gingerbread or shortbread and use Christmas cutters to make seasonal shaped treats?

Dabble in some dough – For the younger children why not make your own play dough. Use green and red colouring to give it a more festive appearance. It’s so simple; here is Selwood’s recipe;
150g plain white flour
300ml warm water
Few drops red or green food colouring
75g salt
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2tsp cream of tartar

Place all ingredients into a saucepan and heat over a medium heat, stirring constantly. The mixture will thicken and form a ball of dough. Remove from the saucepan and allow to cool. Knead well. If the mixture is too sticky add some flour, or if it is too dry add some water. When cold store in an airtight container, in a cool dry place.

Get Crafty – Dig out the paper, sticky tape and colouring pens and get creative with Christmas crafts. Why not make some Christmas masks; visit and download some great masks to colour in and wear. Why not use up old scraps of wrapping paper and make paper chains for the children to hang in their bedrooms. They will love mixing and matching colours and seeing how far they can stretch the chains across their bedroom ceilings!

A bit of sofa time – Chilling out on the sofa watching a film and tucking into popcorn can be a great way to spend time together as a family. Don’t worry about the children watching the television every now and then. If all of you sit down to share in watching a great family film it can bring you together and give you the chance to laugh and chat together afterwards. Popcorn always goes down a treat and gives a real cinema feel!

Festive play with friends – Holiday time is ideal for inviting your children’s friends round to play. A more relaxed pace of life and time to catch up with each other makes for great play sessions! A new face can be a breath of fresh air and it will give the children something to look forward to and maybe even a great reason to tidy up their toys!

Parlour game giggles – why not take a step back in time and play parlour games such as charades, the name game or blind man’s buff. These games are a great way for the family to get together and have a laugh and a giggle. Traditionally played by the Victorian’s at Christmas time, they were a popular form of entertainment and were always part of the Christmas festivities.

It’s all about having fun at Christmas time and keeping the children entertained after the initial excitement of opening presents has passed. Activities together as a family are a great way to enjoy the holiday period. If the children received money for Christmas then why not sit down with them and talk about what they would like to spend their money on; days out, games or garden toys are super ideas. A great investment could be a swingset or trampoline for the garden. We have a great range available at selwood and all come with free delivery!

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