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Climbing frames Kids v Parents what is important for these two very important stakeholders. They are children’s play equipment after all. However, it is something the parents pay for. At Climbing Frames UK we take all of these things into consideration, which is why our frames are so popular. The frames must be fun, strong, attractive and safe. Here are all the reasons we appeal to the young, and not so young alike.

Firstly, our frames come jam packed with fantastic features. Wave, tube and curved slides, comfortable belt swings, awesome glider swings, trapeze bars, baby seats, monkey bars, rock wall ladders, the list is endless!

    wavy climbing wall crows nest

What Children Want From Climbing Frames?

climbing frame playhouseWhen kids see a climbing frame they see the opportunities for exploration, the endless games, they want to test out every single inch of the frame “What happens if you do this, or hang upside down on that, or jump up and down on this?” They will climb up the slide, pour water down it, climb over bits they are not supposed to and go far too high on the swings. A climbing frame is not just a piece of play equipment to children, it is their fire station, their club house, somewhere to hide, to have lunch, somewhere they can make up the rules.

What Parents Want From Climbing Frames?

climbing frame safety

Us parents want above all other things, to know our children are safe. Fun is all well and good, but safety is paramount. Here, at climbing frames we understand this, which is why our frames are made from the very best quality Cedar wood, kiln dried to remove any moisture this reduces cracks and damage due to moisture. This makes for a robust and durable frame which conforms to the EN71 European safety Certification for domestic purposes. When sourcing any new stock, our buyers are very thorough and will travel extensively, visiting factories and manufacturers to make sure they are up to our required standards in operational procedures, working conditions, facilities and of course that the final product meets our strict quality controls.

Parents also want something relatively easy to put up, which is why our climbing frames come complete with an easy to follow, step by step manual, and all wood is pre drilled.

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