Learning to climb – Why its important ?!

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Here at Selwood our climbing frames are specifically designed to meet requirements for ALL children. It’s a well known fact that all children are different, learning at differing speeds. Countless studies have proven that outdoor play, plays a pivotal role in helping enhance a child’s overall development. Within the outside environment children can move freely having ample space and opportunity to develop enhancing their motor skills.

Outdoor play not only has countless physical benefits but also aids children emotionally and can help boots self-esteem and in particular confidence levels. All young children love being outdoors have lots of energy to release throughout the day. Outdoor play and physical activity offers childrensandpoint-rockwall opportunities to be free through jumping,  running, climbing and swinging they can challenge themselves from an early age.

Motor Skills

All of our plays sets are designed to help enhance children’s motor skills and offer healthy challenges along the way. The challenge of learning to climb is one that all children love to take on and conquer. We offer a variety of differing rock walls, ladders, rope ladders and Monkey bars which all help little tykes promote this skill.

A large proportion of our play sets offer what we call our rock wall ladder combination. This combines both the rock wall and ladder aspect into one unit and allows children the choice of both options. It features a slatted rock wall with climbing rocks fastened to each panel. Children can challenge themselves when climbing and enter the fort using only climbing rocks. Or for those who are less daring or younger children the slatted ladder steps offer a safer ascent.


Older Children

For the older children whose skills and confidence levels are maturing we also offer a Deluxe-Playhouse-Straight-2range of more complex climbing options. Solid wavy rock walls, rung ladders and rope ladders help deliver this. A selection of our climbing frames also have multiple levels and crows-nests for the children to climb up to and explore.

All our climbing frames at CFUK are designed for home build and to accommodate the needs of all garden sizes. By having one of our fantastic play sets in your back garden/yard children have a great outlet to outdoor play within the safety of their own home.








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