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Our live chat facility has now been operational for 2 years.

Year one was a great success and customers told us live chat was their preferred choice of contact with the business. Live chat gives us the chance to go and find out answers, this means we can help more customers quick than if they all ring in. So as much as we like a chat with our customers on the phone we can help more of you with live chat.

In our second year live chatting we expanded the operational timescale to seven days a week, and we are now available 24 hours a day to support our customers globally with our own in-house trained team. This means quicker responses, more detailed so live chat really does help you a lot quicker.

Our experienced online chat operators can help and advise with the following:

  • Product questions
  • Technical questions
  • Build advice
  • Failed order processing
  • Questions about pre-order
  • Delivery questions and tracking
  • Signing enquiries
  • Order updates
  • After sales

You can now also book a customer service call back at a time of your choice (9am to 5pm Monday-Friday) if the live chat team can’t help online.

Our average live chat is answered within 20 seconds and our operators are knowledgeable, trained and helpful.  Remember we are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Just one click and give live chat a try!

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