Local play area in Wombwell, South Yorkshire is plagued by vandalism and theft.

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At Selwood HQ and Climbing Frames UK, outdoor play is a topic close to our hearts – we take immense pleasure in hearing about the endless hours of fun our customer’s children have on their climbing frames. Obviously, a climbing frame isn’t within every family’s budget, and fortunately councils across the country have that covered by opening and maintaining local play parks and areas.

Unfortunately an outdoor play park in Wombwell, between Barnsley and Sheffield has been targeted on numerous occasions by thieves and vandals, and most recently arsonists. All of this accumulates to damage worth thousands of pounds. The most recent incident has left swings damaged and damage to the safety flooring. Even a metal slide has been stolen in past months.

The three councillors for Wombwell, Margaret Morgan, Denise Wilde and Richard Wraith said in a joint statement, “We can’t understand why someone would try to undo all the hard work by recklessly damaging the place. There are unprecedented and well-publicised pressures on council budgets, and it simply isn’t possible to continually replace damaged and stolen equipment”

The play area is self-funded by volunteers and fundraising events to maintain the park and ensure it is accessible to the public. The park has even undergone upgrades over the last few years, all of which has been brought about by hard working individuals – park officers, friend groups, and community members; which shows the importance this play park has in Wombwell.

We are saddened to hear about this happening, and sincerely hope that the culprits are caught so that the play area can be restored to its full potential.
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