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Many of the climbing frames we have on offer are made by Selwood Products. Some of the climbing frames have a sand pit area underneath which is perfect for families with young children. However, children do not, unfortunately, stay young forever, and sooner or later they are going to want their climbing frame to provide more than just swings and a slide. May climbing frames UK present, the playhouse packages, available from Selwood Products? The playhouse packages add a lower playhouse to your existing frame, transforming your climbing frame fort into a fully enclosed play tower.

There are two varieties of playhouse package – continue reading for details!

Lower Playhouse Package for 1.2m forts

The first type of playhouse package is made specifically for Selwood climbing frames with a 1.2m fort. This package is only compatible with climbing frames from the Admiral, Balmoral, Olympia and Oriana series. If in doubt, please contact our customer service team for confirmation that it will suit your frame. This package comes in two variations – a fully wooden, enclosed playhouse, or a ‘wrap-around’ playhouse, made from wood and tarpaulin.

The fully wooden package comes with two café stools that attach to the front so the children can enjoy dining al fresco! There is also a flower box under the outer side window – perfect to encourage your little ones to start looking after their own flowers. The doorway at the back is open – there is no functioning door. Also, flooring is not provided with the playhouse package.

The wrap-around playhouse has a wide opening to the back and a doorway to the front. There are two café stools which attach to the side. The outer walls of this playhouse are made from green tarpaulin – this playhouse is particularly suitable for climbing frames from the Oriana and Balmoral series because the tarpaulin walls will match the main roof. There is a small sun canopy on the outside too, giving this playhouse package a cute, quaint appearance.

Lower Playhouse Package for 1.5m forts

The second playhouse package type is made specifically for Selwood climbing frames from the Infinity series – all of these climbing frames have a deck height of 1.5m. With this playhouse package, you will all of the wood to enclose the remaining three walls as well as a bay window, which attaches to the front, giving this playhouse a quaint appearance. The doorway is open – there isn’t a functioning door. Also, as with the 1.2m fort playhouse package, flooring is not included.

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