The Modern Day Playground

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Summer holidays are here, better weather and longer days, yet children don’t seem to be taking advantage of the sunshine.

The fact that children don’t play outdoors in the same way as previous generations, doesn’t mean this isn’t an option. There are plenty of ways to keep your children entertained so they can have fun while enjoying the warm weather.

Modern Day Society

Children now have plenty of options to occupy their precious minds; TV, the latest film at the cinema, computer consoles, online gaming, tablets, smart phone, the list goes on. It is too simple to blame these distractions for a modern day malaise for playtime and much needed physical exercise. When used for a suitable length of time many of these can be argued as being educational and stimulating for a young mind. However there can be no substitute for good old fashioned exercise and play time.

Safety Awareness

It is a different time however, as parents have had to become more concerned about the safety of the street or the local park, and children perhaps are not given the free reign they used to have to go off and return only when hungry. Children should be encouraged to play as much as possible all throughout their formative years. Today’s gadgets should not be looked at as the enemy, but they should both be used as means to educate and develop their motor skills, brain, personality and make friends amongst other things.

Play Areas

Despite the worries about the nations greenbelts eroding and play areas decreasing, there are still plenty of places for kids to play at, be it local purpose built play parks, and the increasingly popular soft play venues. The time spent together as a family, seeing the kids running about with abandon and a tired but content smile on the way home far outweigh any negative like travel or costs involved. In terms of sporting games the enthusiasm built up over two summers of great sporting success for the home nations should be taken advantage of, from joining sports clubs or even as simple as playing a game of catch or rounders at the local playing fields.


Of course the humble garden is nearly forgotten about in amongst all these attractions, and this can be a great location for kids to get outdoors, be safe, create their own adventures and get some physical exercise. A great example of combining exercise and fun is the traditional climbing frame, see for inspiration of what can be brought into the garden. Add a paddling pool, a sand pit and a couple of willing (or perhaps grudgingly forced, in the cases of older siblings!) judges, and then with the summer weather a perfect garden Olympics is sure to take home the gold.
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