National Fairy Day, Create Their Own Fairy Garden!

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Today is national fairy day, what a perfect excuse to get your children outdoors! Creating a fairy garden is great way to encourage you children s creativity! It’s also very education and an excellent to teach your children about nature and the outdoor world. With climbing frames staffers (who have kids) will share creations latter in the week.

Of course, depending on your child’s imagination, fairy’s are very small, therefore only a small space is required. You could even fit your fairy garden into a plant pot.
A great plant pot idea for space saving fairy gardens.

Try using different coloured pebbles and stone to divide the garden into zones.You could use one colour for the path and even ass blue pebbles to create your own fairy stream?
Experiment using different homes for your fairy garden. We love this wheel barrow idea! This is the perfect way to find a use for an old or broken garden item.

Try using different plants to act as mini replicas of real life plant! Moss makes a great substitute for grass. Try creating a vegetable patch and discover mini plants to replicate the vegetables, as in the photo below.

Have a go at creating you very own fairy furniture or fairy houses? To make these truly unique, make your furniture out of found objects from the garden, items such as tree bark, sticks and old gardening tools?

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