National Sandwich Week – Great Ideas!

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The 12th to the 18th of May is National Sandwich week and we are looking forward to a sandwich fest at climbing frames and

The sandwich is a British lunch institution – we eat over 11.5 billion sandwich’s every year and around half of these are made at home, according to the British Sandwich Association in 2013.

So we thought we would give you some sandwich ideas for lunch at home, picnics and children’s school packed lunches.

Thomas The Tank Engine.

This is great idea for any child that likes Thomas!
This is made from Ham, Cheese, Cucumber, Olives, Pepper and Lettuce. You can change the food used for what your child likes. However, this is a great way to get them to eat a bit of everything.
– Shark in the Sea

This is such a fantastic idea! This also gets your child eating their sandwich as well as some fruit.
This bread should be cut into the shape of a shark and can be filled with the filling of your choice. It is a brilliant Idea to use blueberries around the shark to act as ‘the sea’
– Giraffe

This can be done with many types of animals. A Giraffe is shown in the picture and this is done by using the bread and the crust to create the two tone look on the giraffe.
The sandwich can be filled with anything you like and fruit or vegetables such as cucumber, olives, raisins and tomatoes etc. can be use to decorate.
– Star Shaped

This is such a quick and easy way to make fun sandwiches.
If you are rushing in the morning to get your child’s packed lunch ready for school or if you do not have much time the night before don’t worry! You do not need to make a fancy animal sandwich. Star shaped sandwiches as just as cool and very quick and easy.
– Shaped Fruit

The same can be done for fruit. You can cut the fruit into hearts, stars, diamonds and all different shapes.
You can also decorate them. This makes the fruit more appealing and intersting for your child.


– Shaped Sandwiches

Just like the star shapes this is such a quick and easy way to make fun sandwiches.
If you are in a hurry to make sandwiches appealing – Don’t worry!
Theses can be cut into hearts, starts and all different shapes.
Try some of theses cool sandwiches out and let us know how they go!
We would love feedback and possibly pictures of you trying it?
Let us know if you already do some of theses and what is your favourite?

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