New Climbing Frame Features

Manufacturing climbing frames take imagination coupled with some practicality. We understand that not everyone has rolling acres of land to fill with outdoor play equipment, as lovely as that would be. Therefore, whatever we manufacture has to cater to those who may have a limited amount of space.

However, a limited amount of space doesn’t necessarily mean a limited amount of features. Monkey bars are such great fun and are firm favourites with kiddies. Everyone remembers the courage it took to swing from bar to bar for the first time. It can be a great way to learn the sense of achievement and ambition that comes with conquering something we initially thought was impossible.

Bearing all of this in mind we have used the clever monkey bar swing beam combo on some of our new sets. This is a swing beam which doubles up as a monkey bar, therefore, saving a huge amount of space without losing out on features and fun.

The best way to see just how much space the monkey bar swing beam combo saves is to compare those sets with and without it. Our climbing frames with the combo bar measure 3.92 metres whilst those with separate swing beams and monkey bars measure almost 2metres longer at 5.6 metres.



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